Dental injury is a situation that many normally level headed individuals fear, and with good reason. A dental injury can cause discomfort, long term agony and sometimes cosmetic injuries that can last a lifetime.

We like nothing more than to see a smile on a person’s face but sometimes a trip to the dentist can wipe this away completely, leaving you feeling helpless, out of pocket and facing a long term injury or illness through no fault of your own.

You can claim dental injury compensation should you have:

  • Suffered a Misdiagnosis
  • Received Incorrect or Substandard Treatment
  • Swallowed Instruments During Dental Surgery
  • Suffered Cosmetic Injuries

We understand the sensitive nature of making a claim against a dentist who you may have been visiting since a child and have built up long standing trust with, however you are entitled to make a claim against the dentist’s insurance company whilst also highlighting a negligent situation that would otherwise go uncorrected and potentially harm other patients in the future.

A claim for dental negligence compensation will also help you cover the cost of medical expenses, any further corrective surgery you require and any time away from work that was enforced as a result of the injuries you sustained.

You can arrange a free consultation with a friendly member of our team by calling 0845 676 9228 or by filling out one of the contact forms on this page. We will endeavour to call you back as soon as possible at a date and time that suits you best.

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